The Founder…

Frank Maglietta founded BVG over nine years ago, a company that brings innovative patented products to the mass market, driven by a passion to make a difference for people by helping them find an easier way of doing ordinary things. Frank also took note of the millions of inventors who invent solutions to solve their own problems. Though they invent solutions, those inventors may not have the knowledge or financing to get their invention to the ultimate end-user, the consumer.

What many of inventors don't realize, but Frank does, is that there are millions of people who have the same inventors' problem and would benefit by having the inventors' product.

Along with other invented patented products, Frank states: "we are always in search of inventors whose inventions can make a difference for millions of people".

Continuing, Frank states, "what we know is bringing products to consumers that didn't know existed, and didn't know they needed until they tried it, and then realized they couldn't live without it, is the greatest sense of accomplishment".

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