The Concept

Mr. Maglietta has succeeded in product growth and achievement by adhering to the below core principles; they are:

The art of advertising, reaching a third of consumers in America on a weekly basis through micromarketing.

Creating possibility, by connecting each component of the product, retailer and consumer, creating the ultimate possibility resulting in successfully reaching the end user.

Market segmentation techniques, enabling one product to look and reach thousands of consumers differently, expanding each category market share exponentially.

Product technology, Frank's ongoing passion, bringing products to consumers that they didn't know existed, and didn't know they needed until they tried it, then realized they can't live without it.

Subcategory development, a driving force for Frank, the cornerstone in separating status quo products from that to the potential of unlimited boundaries of an innovative patented product never seen.

Social media, is the most powerful messaging tool for the 21th century and can be used to accelerate a message or motivate action in a way that has never been seen before. Frank knows the importance of communicating new technology products to the consumer.