Branding Achievements

Mr. Maglietta's branding achievements: Frank has been instrumental in launching many national well-known consumer products:


Eveready Batteries

Faberge Organic Shampoo & Condition

Gatorade Energy Drink

Greg Norman Accessories

Happy Shaving

Ironman Accessories

Jhane Barnes Apparel

Mennen Ladies Speed Stick

Mrs. Smith's Frozen Foods

One Power Readers

Oxy Clean



Revlon Flex Shampoo

Sexy Slim Cosmetic Textile

Swarovski Accessories

The Shave Doctor Toothbrush

Timex Accessories

Tums Calcium Antacid

Twist Eyewear Frames

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

PoniLox French Ponytail Clip

Yardley of London Cosmetics

Vinghen Motor Scooter